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Where we began...

The David Ware Trust began its journey in India in 2004. In 2005 we began raising funds on a very small scale to help rescue women and children, who were enslaved in prostitution. We were overwhelmed by the response and amazed to see how the funding just began to come in. It was a privilege and joy to see 11 women released and rehabilitated, and we began to realise the call of God on our lives to reach out, rescue and love the poor and needy. Since then, we have seen this tiny seed grow and flourish into the David Ware Trust. The charity is run by Pastors Siân & Pat Fitzgerald who lead the People's Church Dublin.

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ABOUT David Ware

Originally from South Wales, Pastor David Ware, together with his wife, Beryl and two children Jonathan and Siân first came to Dublin to serve the Lord in 1972.  Pastor David and Beryl had a great heart for the Irish people and served for over 11 years, only to return in 1998, out of retirement, to serve for a further 18 months.   People's Church Dublin, has always held Pastor David and Beryl close to their hearts and following Pastor David's call home to the Lord in 2007, it was decided, by the missions committee, to re-name the overseas charity work in his name. Pastor David brought many to faith in Jesus, during his 40 years of ministry and continued to teach and disciple with great love, passion and grace.  His teaching and ministry live on, to care, love, and nurture those in need and bring them into the knowledge of Jesus and the fulness of salvation.


"Fantastic man of God. He was a humble, gracious man. He loved people and the Lord"- Pastor Patrick Fitzgerald

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