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Our Building Projects


MBKG playground

In 2016 the David Ware Trust built an outdoor children's playground, with the support of Beaumont Hospital and Alexandra college Dublin.

The Shanthi Grammam Building project

When we first took on the Shanthi Grammam we knew it was gonna be one of the biggest projects that we have ever taken on. After many years we are delighted to announce that the building project in Shanthi Grammam has officially been complete. Every patient has now been moved into a brand new house. ​We want to thank all of our donators and supporters through this poject.​


MBKG basketball pitch

During our 2022 mission trip to India we realised that the children were playing basketball on  a sand pitch. We decided to partner with Connolly Hospital and rebuild a whole new pitch for the children in MBKG. We are delighted to announce that the basketball court is completed and the children are enjoying playing basketball every day after school

IMG_6469 2.JPG

Shanthi Grammam library

We are so happy to announce that we have officially put a library in Shanthi Gramma for all the patients to enjoy. We have announced that Swammi Kanu, one of the patients is the librarian and will be looking after all the books for everyon


Gypsy Camp Housing 

We have funded the building of family homes within the gypsy camp. These families live in makeshift huts that offer no security, warmth or safety. 

In addition to the above the Trust has also provided a new roof on the camp church / school house.

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