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Gypsy Community Projects

We are honoured to have been able to support these areas in the Gypsy Community in India.


Feeding Programme

For over 10 years the David Ware Trust has funded a feeding programme through the work of Ms Jean. During this period, more than eighty school aged children were fed one meal every day, which had a huge impact on their learning and physical wellbeing. 


Building Programme

We have funded the building of family homes within the gypsy camp. These families live in makeshift huts that offer no security, warmth or safety. 

In addition to the above the Trust has also provided a new roof on the camp church / school house.


Meet Ms Jean

Ms Jean is a retired school teacher, who has dedicated her life to working amongst underprivileged children. Her work reaches well in excess of 200 - 300 children.  She currently runs: Educational Programmes, Feeding Camps and Medical Camps.  

We were honoured to be able to have supported her programme for over 10 years, and continue to visit and bring supplies when we visit.

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