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Our Projects in India

Gypsy Camp

When we visit India, we visit our friend Ms Jean, who runs a number of  camps that work alongside children of gypsy families. Their work includes daycare, education and health care. When we visit, we  provide clothing, toys and a months supply of food to every family. 


MBKG Orphanage 

In 2012 we began a partnership with MPKG orphanage, Vellore. MBKG homes 184 children and 15 mothers. We have facilitated various needs in the orphanage, including providing 46 fans, 170 school bags and funding for third level education for CMC College. We also offer a child sponsorship programme. 


Mercy Ministries

The David Ware Trust has been partnering with Mercy Ministries Orphanage since 2015. Paul, Raj & Kasthuri care for over 50 children in this amazing 'family home'. 

The Trust has funded a number of projects including the completion of a separate housing facility for the girls, a much needed bore well and consequently an electric motor for the well. We have also provided IT equipment and furniture. 


Shanthi Grammam

This is a residential home for people who have had leprosy. Often shunned by their families, Shanti Gramam provides a homely environment for these vulnerable people. Here we fund monthly feeding costs and we are looking to improve living conditions in the long term, by fundraising to undertake a complete renovation project.  Over the years the buildings and facilities at Shanthi Gramam have deteriorated significantly. The David Ware Trust, has committed to funding the building development of this village as there was a great need for renovation and provision.  It was our aim to provide these wonderful people with a home that meets all of their needs, with physically, emotionally and mentally. We are delighted to report that since during the pandemic the residents are enjoying the comforts of their new home.

Arise School
& Orphanage 


The David Ware Trust has officially started sponsoring and helping an orphanage in India called Arise. We have already sponsored 10 bunkbeds for the children as well as 5 single beds.

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