MBKG Orphanage

About MBKG

MPKG Orphanage is situated in Vellore, Tamil Nadu.  The orphanage houses over 170 orphans and widows.  The widows live amongst the children and serve as 'house mothers'.  Currently we are in the process of arranging individual sponsorship for each child. The costs are generally €30 per month which covers housing, food, education and medical needs of the child.  After each visit that we make to the orphanage we assess the pressing needs of the children and work towards funding any extra expenses that may arise.  For example we have purchased ceiling fans, school bags, beds etc as they are needed and where possible    This orphanage is particularly close to our hearts, as they have a policy to ALWAYS accept girls to be homed, in order to save as many as possible from the very real threat of human trafficking.



Over the past 5 years we have funded many different projects from school bags for the children to ceiling fans. In 2016 the Trust built an outdoor children's playground, with the support of Beaumont Hospital and Alexandra college Dublin.


Our Supporters

Cherry Orchard, Beaumont Hospital and Alexandra College


In the recent years we have been privileged to have received so much support. Beaumont Hospital and Alexandra college helped The David Ware Trust fund and establish a playground in MBKG which has been a great addition to the orphanage. Last year, David Collins from Cherry Orchard donated over 100 jerseys, shorts, socks, goalie gear and much more to MBKG. The boys now use it for their soccer teams and "never take the jerseys off'.


How can you help?

In order to achieve our current goal continuing to help the orphanage we are in the process of running several fundraising projects.  These projects include school raffles, hospital staff lunches, cake sales, coffee mornings and many other local Church initiatives. If you can help in any way, please contact us via our Contacts page.