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Education Programme

As part of the initial development of the David Ware Trust we began an education programme.  This programme has funded primary, secondary and third level education for children who, otherwise would have no access to an education at any level.  We have been actively funding education for young children of primary school age, up to young women of college age.  


We realise that education in just one family member can be the means of assisting a whole family. Without the support of the Trust many of these individuals would never have the opportunity to study and progress into full time, professional employment.


It has been thrilling for us to see students qualify and succeed in their chosen fields and, for many, this enables them to support and financially provide for their families. This programme is very much the 'heart' of the David Ware Trust, as we seek to enable, educate and liberate as many as we can through learning  and access to education.

Student sponsorship starts at as little as €30 per month. If you would like more information on this initiative please get in touch!


How can you help?

 We currently offer individual sponsorship, where individuals can sponsor Primary, Secondary or Third Level Education for one or more children.  For further information contact us.

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