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Get involved

There are many ways for you to contribute to The David Ware Trust, one of which is to get involved directly with some of our initiatives. Every little bit of help is appreciated and counts, especially for those in need. Below is an overview of some of our current  initiatives.

Contact us to learn about volunteer opportunities. However you are able to help, we can assure you that it will have a major impact on the lives of many.

Ways to get involved...

Christmas Gift Bag Appeal

A really easy way for you to make a difference in a tangible way is through our Christmas Gift Bag Appeal. We are delighted to say we are running this appeal in the run up to Christmas 2023. For some children, your gift through this appeal might be the only gift they receive that year - so it is so important to us that we continue to bring more smiles and joy to these children in this way.

If you would like to support our Christmas Gift Bag Appeal, please get in touch! We'd LOVE to hear from you!

Annual India Trip

Every year The David Ware Trust takes a group of people to Chennai and Vellore in India. While we are down there we visit all of the projects that we currently have running in India as well as spend time with the people we meet.


The Teddy Bear Appeal

Every year we pack five hundred plus teddy bears in suit cases for every person we meet in India. This is a really cool way to get involved with the David Ware Trust because all you have to do is pick some teddy bears from your own collection at home and re-home them to people in need.

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