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Our Projects in India

We have run many projects and initiatives since the David Ware Trust began it's journey in India during 2004.  In 2005, we began to help rescue women and children, who were enslaved in prostitution.  It was a privilege and joy to see 11 women released and rehabilitated. Since then, we have seen this tiny seed grow and flourish into the David Ware Trust.


Indian Gypsy Community

When we visit India, we visit our friend Ms Jean, who runs a number of  camps that work alongside children of gypsy families. Their work includes daycare, education and health care.  When we visit, we provide provide clothing, toys and a months supply of food to every family. 


MBKG Orphanage

In 2012 we began a partnership with MPKG orphanage, Vellore. MBKG homes 184 children and 15 mothers. We have facilitated various needs in the orphanage, including providing 46 fans, 170 school bags and funding for third level education for CMC College. We also offer a child sponsorship programme. 


Mercy Ministries Orphanage

The David Ware Trust has been partnering with Mercy Ministries Orphanage since 2015. Paul Raj & Kasthuri care for over 50 children in this amazing 'family home'. 


Education Programme

Since the foundation of The David Ware Trust we have been actively funding education for young children of primary school age, up to young women of college age.  We realise that education in just one family member can be the means of assisting a whole family. Without the support of the Trust many of these individuals would never have the opportunity to study and progress into full time, professional employment.


Leprosy Shelter

In 2015 we began a new partnership in India with The Leprosy Mission in Vellore.  It came to our attention, having met with the director, Valsa , that there was a need for funding provision for food for 25 resident patients.  In April 2015 we delivered our first donation of a months supply of food and we are delighted to continue to support and provide such on an ongoing basis.  In addition we are in the process of funding a recreational programme, which will include a small farm and activities to assist daily rehabilitation.


Leprosy Building Project

Over the years the buildings and facilities at Shanthi Gramam have deteriorated significantly.

During our most recent visit in 2022, we saw the wonderful new dining hall and homes that have already been built. It was amazing to see the residents enjoying their new environment, however, there is still more work to be done! There is urgent need to rebuild 4 more homes for patients that are living in desperate conditions with asbestos roofs and walls infested with termites.

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